We believe when you love what you do, you strive to become better every day and that is why we are so confident about our establishment.
Green Farm Pistachio INC
exists to meet the demands of its customers locally and internationally.
As one of the trusted wholesalers in Canada,
Green Farm
provides a centralized service for the purchase of a variety of edible nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.
At Green Farm, our main goal is to have a long-term business relationship with our clients; Precise food safety process, unparalleled quality products, competitive pricing, and unforgettable customer service are the reasons why our clients still rely on our services after two decades.
Please feel free to get in contact with us if you want to learn more about our services.

  • Hamid Habibi
    "Green Farm is more than a business, it's a family tradition."
    Hamid Habibi
    Green Farm Nuts
  • Sadegh Habibi
    Nuts are wonderful things. Not only are they delicious, but most are dense in nutrients and super-good for you. However, different nuts have different health benefits, and it’s worth getting knowledgeable about which is which if you’re going to include them in your diet.
    Sadegh Habibi
    Green Farm Nuts

Green Farm Pistachio INC
has established to meet the demands of her customers both in local and foreign markets as one of the trusted wholesalers in Canada which provides a centralized service for the purchase of a wide variety of edible nuts, seeds and dried fruit and dedicated to provide the best customer service in the industry and show her customers the real taste of nuts.

Our real look to strategic programs and long term business, using modern equipment, expert leaders and international standards in our production process , all can be assured that our company complies with global standards for food safety.

Unparalleled quality, competitive price and customer support differences us from the competition, encourages our long term customers to work with us and new customers to seek us out.
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165 Boulevard Industriel, Châteauguay
QC J6J 4Z2
Phone: +1514 814 7079

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